We’re here to help you find The perfect gift that is sure to give him a good laugh this silly season.

Do you have a larrikin in your life that appreciates a well-considered, humorous gift? If so, this lineup of the best 2021 Funny Christmas Gifts for Men will have your holiday shopping sorted in no time.

Buying for the women in your life seems to be much easier right? A nice candle, some essential oils, maybe some body products, it’s hard to go wrong. When it comes to men, it’s significantly harder, especially if they have no hobbies or activities they’re passionate about.

If you have ever struggled to shop for your Dad, brother, boyfriend, husband or any other man in your life, a funny gift is a perfect solution – a good laugh never goes astray.

At Best Gifts For Men, our collection of unique and fun gifts is designed to meet the needs and budgets of all shoppers and is guaranteed to deliver joy this Christmas.

Why Choose One Of Our Novelty Gifts For Men?

Choosing the perfect gift for the men in your life is often a challenging process. We know we’re not the only ones to have selected a gift with the best of intentions but no real clue if it will be used or appreciated. While the gift recipient is no doubt going to politely accept the gift, isn’t it more fun to see them laugh and smile immediately upon opening it?

Novelty gifts are both lighthearted and thoughtful as well as being wonderfully easy to shop for via our website. Don’t spend time aimlessly gift shopping and spending money on a random item that may never be used. Do away with awkward gift exchanges and opt for one of the many hilarious gifts from Best Gifts For Men.

When you shop with us you can have confidence that at the very least you’ll have given laughter to your loved ones.

Funny Gag Gifts We Offer

Our range of hilarious and not-so-serious gifts is constantly evolving to incorporate new items and themes. Our core range is made up of:

Funny Coffee Mugs

Everyone can use an extra coffee mug for home or the office. We offer ceramic and enamel mugs printed with humourous imagery or phrasing that is guaranteed to elicit a chuckle when unwrapped.

Why not try a magic heat reveal mug for added fun? All our mugs come carefully packed in their own box for protection and ease of wrapping. 2021 designs include Squid Game, WAP, Big Barry, Tinder and more.

Funny Stubby Holders

It doesn’t get much more Aussie than a stubby holder and our range is a cut above the rest. Choose from a single holder or value-added multi-pack and have the whole family laughing over Christmas drinks this year.

Ideal for uncles, cousins, brothers, partners and more, a stubby holder is both fun and practical. Choose from a mixed meme pack, silicone shower stubby or have a Merry Crithmith with Mike Tyson, among others. For a truly unique and funny stubby holder, our necktie with built-in stubby holder is sure to be a crowd favourite.

Puzzles And Cards

Finding funny birthday, fathers day or Christmas cards can be a chore. Likewise, who wants to gift just any old puzzle design? Our range of funny cards and puzzles make the most of dad jokes and are the ideal gift for when you just don’t know what to give!

Puzzles are ideal for all ages, they boost brain power and are a great way to pass the time – especially when they’re as humorous as ours!

Magic Sequin Cushions

We all love the magic that Christmas brings. Why not make it extra magical this year with a magic sequin cushion? Sequins are no longer just for nights out on the dance floor or your Great Aunt Helen, they also look fantastic in your living room and give hours of enjoyment.

These reversible cushions show a plain shimmery finish or, when the sequins are gently flipped by brushing a hand over the surface, a funny phrase or image. Our sequin cushions, available in red, white and black, are both naughty and nice for added spice and giggles this Christmas.

Other Funny Items

Other funny gift ideas available on our site include a toilet timer for the man who takes too long in the loo and hidden noise pranks. Scare or leave loved ones perplexed through the use of a hidden cricket chirping sound cat meowing or blood-curdling scream.

Once activated the noise will continue for approximately 8 hours, there is no off switch and the only way to make it stop is to break it. The coup de gras? Once broken it explodes with glitter.

How Does It Work?

Simply browse and add to the cart all the hilarious gift items you need this Christmas. We will then process your order and have it out to your nominated address as quickly as possible.

All our products are quality checked and carefully selected and designed for maximum joy and impact. We work with a network of trusted suppliers to deliver high quality, novelty gifts direct to your door that you’d never find in a shop front. As we do not operate as a physical store, we save on costs and then pass these savings down to our customers.

To make things even easier, we ship direct to you or direct to the recipient with free shipping offered on all orders over $75.00 and flat rate shipping Australia wide on all other orders. Should you live overseas and simply must have one of our novelty gifts in your hot little hands, we can arrange international shipping also.

Why Shop With Us?

Not only limited to Christmas gifts, our gag gifts for men with a sense of humour also make for the perfect fathers day gifts and birthday gifts. Our online store makes for easy shopping free from crowds, annoying mall music and overinflated pricing.

Gift Ideas For Men was created and is maintained by a team of individuals dedicated to sourcing hilarious gifts that simplifies the gift-giving experience and makes it more enjoyable. We wanted to make gift-giving great again, removing the stress and hassle around gift shopping and making it more fun for everyone.

If you love gift-giving as much as we do, then our site is the ideal place to finalise your Christmas shopping for 2021. To find more information about our range or for support in sourcing any other novelty gifts, contact our team or visit our website.